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We offer a wide variety of tag and care label-printing accessories designed specifically to run on our in-plant printers for a complete solution.

These accessories help produce the best possible label quality, ensure peace of mind, and maximize the value of your equipment investment.  They are available across all of our printer lines.

Label Rewinder


Avery Dennison offers a rewinder that rolls up printed labels for further processing. Instead of a cut single label, some factories use automatic cut and sewn machine for label application.

Barcode Verifiers

Poor barcode scanning a checkout leads to consumer frustration and wasted time. Many retailers impose crippling chargebacks to penalize this occurrance when it happens.

The SNAP 700 printer can be fitted with a barcode verifier. This device scans and grades every barcode the printer produces. If the code fails to pass the pre-determined criteria, the printer stops. The operator is given a chance to fix the issue which may include:

  • Dots out on the printhead
  • Wrinkles in the thermal ink ribbon
  • Dirt on the stock
  • Stock not centered, barcode printing off the label

The printing operation, garment factory, brand owner, and retail outlet all rest assured that the barcodes will scan properly.

In the picture on the right, the barcode verifier is the box device mounted above the printer, scanning down to the stock.


Barcode Verifiers

Avery Dennison
Consignment Program

Get your factory label printing operation underway with the Avery Dennison bundled supply program. This financing program assists in the purchase, installation, and management of the printer. No lumpsum capital investment is achieved by distributing the printer and service costs over a specified operating period of time.

Consignment Program benefits:

  • Install printer without up-front capital
  • Maintain a hedge for future technology
  • Not being locked into a purchased printer
  • Know the true cost of the printer and label for charging to RBO customers
  • Service included with bundle; no further finance approval necessary

In-plant printing

Global Support

Avery Dennison’s support doesn’t stop once a printer has been installed at your factory. Our industry-leading experts are here to assist you long after we’ve found a solution for your business.

Field service engineers– located in all major apparel manufacturing regions of the world–are available to install equipment, train operators, and work with you to maintain a top-notch printing operation, while also sharing advice, reviewing procedures, and providing spare parts and best practices.

Maintain the value of your investment in your printer by purchasing a service contract. The contract does not cover consummables such as rollers and printheads, however, it does cover replacement parts. Use the service contact as a hedge against expensive repairs that may be required over the life of the printer.

Reach out to our printing solutions experts for more information.